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Chemical Anchor Resin Capsules With Studs

Pentagon Chemical Anchor Resin Capsules With Studs   Installation:

Pentagon Chemical Anchor Resin Capsules With Studs

1. Drill the correct diameter and depth of hole in concrete substrate and clean out by brushing and blowing dust clear.

2. Place Chemical capsule in hole. 3. Attach supplied hexagonal key (male or female) and insert into stud top. Using a rotary hammer drilling machine, attach hex key and drive the stud on hammer actioninto the capsule until the bottom of the hole is reached. The drill must be used with rotation/vibration when setting the stud. 5. Allow appropriate curing time before loading the anchor.

Typical Applications :-
• Used for concrete, solid brick'       •  Natural stone with dense structure
Advantages/Benefits of Chemical Anchor Resin Capsules with studs.
• High load capability
• Vibration resistant
• Resistant to shock loading Consolidates weak base material
• No expansion stress in base material Clean and safe to handle
• Suitable for close-to-edge and close-centre fixing
• No slipping or fretting
• Long shelf life
• Suitable for wide range of base materials
• Special lengths and stainless steel studs available to special order
• Can be used under water
• Can be used in damp concrete.
• Simple and quick installation of the Stud reduces the work involved.
Description :                  
The Chemical Anchor Resin, Capsules contains styrene-free vinylester mortar, quartz granules and a phial of hardener. The, glass capsule is destroyed when the Chemical Stud is hammered in so the special quick-curing mortar is activated. The mortar adheres to the entire surface of the Stud, bonding it to the wall of the drilled hole.
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